dadasphere Six

Finishing Well

Intention – To establish dadasphere as a safe space for African women to share stories and ideas from our actual lives. The theme was chosen to highlight that we really are rising. Each talk was deemed relevant because it looks at key areas of our lives and how we can rise in them.

– Rev. Jackie Othoro is passionate about women in the church and here she examines who God says women are; who he created us to be and what that means for the modern African woman.
– Author Joyce Mwangi has studied the Kenyan national anthem line by line. She uses that to take a closer look at the role of women as citizens.
– Akinyi Odongo is mentoring other fashion designers across the continent and she spoke about the importance of identifying and leaving a legacy.
– Nana Wanjau is a philanthropist and she looks at the importance of sharing our truth, and the role that plays in becoming our sister’s keepers.
– Media personality Adelle Onyango shared her experience in getting to know herself better and finding her voice in the process.