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Our Bodies

Intention – The bodies of African women evoke so much feeling and instigate so much conversation. They have been called beautiful and celebrated as such; and yet there is a lot of opinion on what we should and shouldn’t do with them.  But how do we feel about our bodies? Do we own them? What does society say we should feel? What can we learn from them?

– Wanja Kimani has been married for almost 20 years and she has done something radical with her body – she has refused to have children. What does that look like in an Africa where bride-price is paid by in-law s  who expect grandchildren?

– Anne Marie Burugu embarked on a 365 day fitness journey and she shares her story and lessons in self care

– You have seen Mumbi Maina on the Netflix series Sense 8 where this actress uses her body to tell stories.  What is that like? Why does she do it?

– Dr Julie Githiri-Goko is a psychosexual therapist and she explores what our bodies have to teach us when we are dealing with trauma and recovery.

– Crystal Asige became blind as an adult and her lack of sight has changed her experience of her body, her sexuality and romance.