dadasphere Two

The First Time

The first time we do something or go through something, it can feel like we are alone in the process or even the first to ever deal with something similar. At this dadasphere, women explored some of their first times, what they made them mean and the lessons they got from them.

– Tania Ngima sits on several company boards across the continent and she spoke about her biggest and most personal failure, her divorce and what it gifted her.
– Karen (Kaz) Lucas hosts “The Spread”, one of the most popular sex-positive podcasts in Africa she advocated for comprehensive sexual education
– Amina Abdi Rabar is rebelling in success. The host of a daily radio show, a weekly TV show and another pan-African TV show; Amina is busy and trying to figure out what to do with this level of influence.
– Joy Owango was once a farm laborer but now she trains governments and universities in Africa on how to get the most out of their scientific research. She climbs mountains in her free time and she started with Africa’s highest peak – Kilimanjaro.
– Wanja Njoroge is a determined restaurateur and a new mum. She decided to have her baby at home and shares what that decision taught her.