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The modern women of Africa are intrepid, brilliant and living fascinating lives. Educated, well travelled, more confident and self actualized than her mother or grandmother, this woman is an interesting blend of African tradition, colonial heritage and the Africa she believes possible. Free, bold and fun, she lacks mentors and role models.
dadasphere is a platform for this woman to share her stories, lessons and ideas with her peers across the continent. The word ‘dada’ means sister in Swahili and dadasphere is a playful combination of dada and atmosphere. At each event, 5 dadas give 15 minute talks under a theme that is relevant within the dadasphere. The talks are recorded and published on our dadasphereTV YouTube channel, so that each dada is seen and heard.


dadasphere is a platform for modern African women to share their stories, lessons and ideas. We host events and 5 women get to speak, each talk is recorded and published here. African women are living fascinating and intrepid lives and it is time we were seen and heard. We are now available on Showmax & Youtube. Please watch some of our videos below.




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A platform for African women to share their stories.

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